RE: COVID-19 Update

Dear Gymland Family,

We understand that many in the sporting community are concerned about the health and safety of athletes amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and while we do not feel that there is cause for panic, we do feel that it is prudent to take certain precautions against not just this, but all contagious illnesses. As of Monday, March 16th, Gymland will be closed for all students as we will take this time to further clean some of our “harder to reach places”. We will notify all customers about Gymland’s re-opening via email.

In an effort to increase our health awareness and decrease the spreading of germs, we’ve implemented a few actions to keep Staff and Kids healthy in the gym. These actions are happening now and will resume when Gymland re-opens. Please take note and help us to keep our community safe in this unprecedented time.

1. We are asking that all students wash their hands thoroughly before and after participating in classes. In addition, we have hand sanitizers in all stations, as well as in the lobby area.

2. Instructors will be vigilant to discourage germ-spreading behavior (i.e. fingers in noses, mouths, eye-rubbing, touching other children playfully, etc., which are common among younger students). We would like to remind all students to keep their hands away from nose and mouth and please keep your children home if your child is sick and make sure they have been fever-free for 24-hours before returning to class. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to bring a sick child to our facility. Your cooperation is extremely important to ensure that we can provide all of our children, families, and Staff with a happy and illness free environment.

3. In addition to the daily cleaning that includes hospital grade disinfectant foggers and bombing agents, we have added cleanings during the day of knobs, counters, bathrooms, smaller equipment, and other commonly used spaces.

4. We ask that you help us to limit spectators, drop off and pick up if you are able and comfortable to do so. If you want to remain in the building, please limit this to one adult.

5. Water fountain use will be discontinued for the time being. Our water fountains are disinfected daily, however, we cannot disinfect after every student. Please have your gymnasts bring their own water bottle (water only), our fountains will be shutdown.

6. Limited contact – No stamps, lots of cheering, discourages touching of any kind, and common sense 🙂

7. And as always CONTINUED daily sanitation, only even more thorough and frequently than you are already used to doing.

8. Please keep in mind that this can be a tough time for families as well as small businesses, so remember our make-up policy will be even more generous & lenient than it already is, extending these for all enrolled students.

9. Teams will have a modified schedule after this week which will be communicated in a follow up email.

We are committed to helping prevent the spreading of germs and keeping our families safe. As a reminder, in order to stay healthy, children must get exercise and socialization. Let’s try to keep our children safe and active. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the gym. We thank you for your business, please stay healthy and happy! ~~ Ann and Valdi Kolasa

Some additional resources that may be helpful include:

• CDC Advice:

• WHO Advice: