Gymland Bridged Academy: Now Accepting Enrollment

 Gymland Bridged Academy (GBA) 

Gymland Homeschool and Virtual Co-op Program 2020-2021

“ Academics and athletics as a foundation to build the character,

minds and bodies of our youth ” 

GBA Vision  

To offer a homeschool/virtual program that is regarded for excellence both in academics as well as physical and emotional development.  To nourish the mind along with the body.

 GBA Goals

  • – To provide the safest, cleanest and healthiest learning environment for all.  

  • – To provide an academic environment that is supported by accredited teachers.  

  • – To provide a disciplined and detailed plan that also encourages interpersonal relationships between children. (When physical activity is occurring and social distancing is possible, then masks will not be required.)

  • – To provide quality time learning, moving, creating and socializing both indoors and outdoors. 

  • – To build a culture of support, passion, enjoyment, critical thinking, intellect and sport.  

  • – To guide the development of the healthiest (physically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually) kids, tweens, teenagers and young adults.  

  • – To prepare aspiring athletes to become their best self as individuals, teammates, athletes and members of our community.  

  • – To become the most well-rounded training program.

Gymnastics, yoga, mindfulness, tutoring, academics, sports psychology, nutrition, multi-sport cross training, injury prevention, community service and outreach

 Our Covid Promise 

  • – To take great care of your child. 

  • – Our maximum number for any cohort of kids will be 10. 

  • – Your child’s cohort will have a customized plan and schedule that will support being a kid, but limit exposure. 

  • – All learning areas will be disinfected between cohorts.

  • – All members of our community (students, staff, teachers, parents, etc) will be screened for covid exposure every day.

Our facility will be operating at 25% capacity making social distancing possible. 

 Schedule: Academics, Sport, Extracurricular 

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00  

 20 hours school/development

 15 hours athletic and extracurricular activities

 5 hours lunch, rest, clubs etc.

  •  All GBA members will have to follow our health guidelines which will be taken from our state, local and federal government as well as the CDC.   

  •  Academics can be personal choice for platform. (Parents can choose to use their school’s virtual program and our teachers will assist with their learning) Your child; your choice.

  •  Additional benefit of GBA: We only close for national holidays, weather emergencies and government mandated. For working parents you can count on us to be there for you and your child(ren). 

  •  If choosing a homeschool platform Bridgeway Academy is our preference.

Gymland Bridged Academy Pricing:

Monthly installments:

$1,500 first child

$1,200 second child

$960 third child

We encourage a full school year commitment but will accept semester

enrollments if space allows. 

All tuition is a part of a yearly program with monthly installments. 

Enrollment requires a first and last month tuition to secure your placement. 

Withdrawal from this program requires 30 days notice and your last month tuition will be applied.

GBA is accepting enrollment for kids in K-8th grade.

2020/2021 School Year ~ September 8th – June 25 

Contact our office for enrollment