Summer Camp Themes

Week 5- Beach Week! (7/20- 7/24)
Can’t get to the beach? Come to Gymland’s Beach Party! Prepare to surf, limbo, volleyball, splash, draw, and sand sculpt your way through a fun week! Also, learn some awesome gymnastics skills you can show off at the beach!

Week 6- Space Week! (7/27- 7/31)
Get ready for a week of out of this world fun! Train like an astronaut by learning how to soar into space on our trampolines and zip line, and blast off of our springboards!

Week 7- Circus Week! (8/3- 8/7)
Come join us at the amazing Gymland Circus, where you are the performers! Learn incredible circus skills like swinging on our trapeze, gliding on our zip line, flying on our trampolines, balancing on tightropes and climbing high on our circus net!

Week 8- Western Week! (Mini Camp) (8/10- 8/14)
Howdy partners! Come help us rustle up some fun as we learn some great cowboy and cowgirl skills! Learn how to ride your horse over bumpy trails, play in the OK Corral, practice your roping and trick riding skills, and learn to fly like an eagle over the Old West!
Week 8- Show Week! (Recreational Camp) (8/10- 8/14)
This is your week to shine! Combine all the fabulous gymnastics skills that you learn this week into an amazing gymnastics show!

Week 9- Sports Week! (8/17- 8/21)
Join us this week for extra sports fun when we play golf, volleyball, soccer, frisbee, hockey, basketball, and baseball; along with some awesome gymnastics skills!

Week 10- Winter Carnival! (8/24- 8/28)
Tired of the heat? Join us for some winter fun! Brrh! Learn flying skills for your skiing, skate on our gym floors, and sled into our snow pits!

Week 11- Super Hero Week! (9/1- 9/5)
Heroes in training wanted! Come this week to learn how to fly like Superman and Superwoman on our zip line and trampolines! Grow super strength and flexibility with our gymnastics skills training. Come dressed as your favorite superhero on a special day this week!